Beef Stroganoff
1 1/2 lb Round steak or other beef fillet
8 oz Mushrooms (canned), sliced
12 oz Sour cream
4 oz Wine, white
2 tb Onion, chopped
2 tb Worcestershire sauce
1 ts Nutmeg
1 tb Chives, chopped
1 ts Garlic, minced (or more to taste)
Pasta (or steamed rice)

Cut meat into strips about 1/2-inch thick by 2 inches long. Saute the onions in butter until brown. Place meat in pan with onions. Sear quickly in frying pan along with onion. (This seals the juices inside.) Avoid overcooking the meat.

Add mushrooms and stir in the wine, chives and garlic for about 5 minutes. Finally add sour cream, Worcestershire sauce and chives, and simmer until it almost boils. Serve on noodles or steamed white rice.

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