Chinese recipes
Beef Imperial
1 1/4 lb semi-frozen flank steak
1 tb soy sauce
1 tb dry sherry
1 egg
salt & pepper to taste
1 ts cornstarch
2 c oil
Imperial sauce
5 to 6 dry black chinese mushrooms, soaked in warm water 20 min., drained, remove stems and slice
1 c Bamboo shoots, sliced
3 Slices ginger
2 Cloves garlic, sliced
Handful of fresh snow peas, stringed
Oriental sesame oil (optional)

Remove fat,muscle & any gristle from meat. Cut in 1/2 lengthwise. Slice each piece crosswise, against the grain & on a slight slant, so you have 1/4-in. slices.

Place in bowl & marinate for 1 hr. in soy sauce,sherry,egg,salt,pepper & cornstarch. Heat a wok hot & dry. Add oil. When it's just beginning to smoke,add meat mixture, stirring it quickly so the pieces separate.

After 1 min.,drain through a colander or sieve, reserving 2-3 tbs. oil. Prepare the Imperial Sauce. Return reserved oil to the wok. Add mushrooms,bamboo shoots,ginger,garlic,snow peas & meat. Move wok back & forth rapidly in the air so the vegetables are flipped into the air continuously.

Add Imperial Sauce & continue flipping vegetables & meat 3 min. or until the sauce thickens. If desired,sprinkle a few drops of sesame oil on mixture. Serve. Don't mistake Oriental for American sesame oil. They are totally different.

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