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Beef red & Green Peppers Chinese Style
2 md Red bell peppers
2 md Green bell peppers
1 lb Lean, tender beef, like Fillet of beef or fl. steak
2 tb Corn starch
2 tb Dark soy sauce
1/4 ts Red hot pepper flakes
1 c Corn or vegetable oil
1 c Coarsely chopped scallions
1 ts Chopped garlic
1 ts Sugar or honey
2 tb Dry sherry
2 tb Chicken broth
Salt to taste (optional)

Core and remove the seeds from the red and green peppers. Cut peppers into thin strips, about 1.1/2 inches long. Slice the meat across the grain into thin strips 1.1/2 to 2 inches long. Place in a bowl and add the cornstarch, soy sauce and pepper flakes and 2 Tablespoons of the oil. (The oil keeps the meat from sticking together while cooking)

Blend well, and let stand 15 minutes. Heat the remaining oil in a wok or skillet large enough to hold the ingredients. When the oil is very hot add the meat and cook, stirring about 30 seconds, until separated. Drain the meat in a sieve over a bowl to catch the drippings and reserve the oil.

Wipe out the wok and return 2 Tablespoons of the oil to it. Heat the oil and add the peppers, scallions and garlic. Cook over high heat until crisp and tender about 1 minute. Add the sugar, wine, chicken broth, and salt if desired. Add the beef and cook quickly, stirring, until just heated through. Serve immediately.

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