Chinese recipes
Mou Sou Pork
1/4 lb Pork, shredded
1 tb Cornstarch
1 tb Wine or Sherry
3 ea Egg, beaten
2 c Oil
1 ea Garlic clove, minced
1 c Chinese cabbage, shredded
2 ea Green onions, shredded
1/2 c Bamboo shoots, shredded
1/2 c Mushrooms, sliced
10 ea Tree ears, soaked;drained
1/4 c Tiger lily buds,soaked;drain
1 c Hoison sauce
1 tb Soy sauce
1/2 ts Sugar

Chinese pancakes:

2 c Flour
3/4 c Boiling water
Sesame oil

Prepare chinese pancakes: Place flour in mixing bowl and make a well in the center. Add water, stirring quickly with fork until rough dough has formed. It shouldn't be too sticky and you may not need all the water. Turn dough onto lightly floured board, knead until smooth, adding more flour if necessary. Place dough in bowl and cover.

Allow to rest 30 min. Moisten hands with oil. Pull off golf ball sized pieces and flatten. Brush top of each ball with oil, place another flattened ball on top. With rolling pin roll, roll pair of pancakes together to form a 6-8 inch circle. Repeat with all dough. Bake at 325° to 350° until 1 side puffs up. Repeat on other side.

Pull pancakes apart while still warm. Let cool. Fold each in quarters, place on foil.Wrap each like package and place on rack over water. Steam 5-10 min. Marinate pork 30 min in cornstarch, salt, pepper,sherry and enough beaten egg to moisten it. Heat wok, add oil. Stirfry pork and slighty beaten eggs, stirring so pieces seperate.

Once eggs form themselves into curds, drain, reserving oil. Return reserved oil to wok and lightly brown garlic. Add all vegetables, stir frying until just cooked, about 3-4 min. Return meat and eggs to vegetables, add 2 ts hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sugar, salt and pepper.

Combine well. Spread each Chinese pancake with hoisin sauce. Add a good 2 T of filling to bottom 1/2 of each pancake and roll up like crepes. Serve.

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