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Thai Chicken And Rice - {Khao Man Gai}
1 tablespoon finely-sliced red jalapeño pepper
2 tablespoons white rice vinegar
1 whole chicken
8 cups chicken stock
A few slices winter squash (phak thong)
1 1/2 cups long-grain Thai jasmine rice -- washed

Bean Sauce:

4 tablespoons fermented yellow bean sauce
4 tablespoons chicken broth -- from cooking
1 tablespoon dark sweet soy sauce
1 tablespoon pickled jalapeños -- (prepared earlier
as above)
1 tablespoon minced garlic
1 teaspoon palm sugar

At least a day before you want to eat the khao man gai, finely slice some red jalapeños and discard the seeds, then mix them with about twice their volume of white rice vinegar, and leave to marinade (you need at least a tablespoon of jalapeño peppers). When you are ready to cook, you need about 8 cups of chicken stock.

Place the chicken in a large casserole, and cover with the stock. Add a few slices of phak thong (winter squash), to the pot, and simmer or poach over a low heat until the chicken is thoroughly cooked and tender.

Remove and drain the chicken, then when it is cool enough to handle cut off the wings and legs and reserve them for other dishes. Remove the two chicken breasts, and smack them with a cleaver to dislodge the skin which may be discarded if you are watching you weight. Cut the breasts into strips about half an inch wide, and cut the strips into bite-sized pieces.

Place one and a half cups of washed long-grain Thai jasmine rice in a saucepan, and add two and half cups of the chicken broth from cooking the chicken. Cook over moderate heat until the liguid is absorbed, and the rice is cooked (the finished rice should be slightly moist).

Serve the chicken on a bed of the chicken steamed rice, garnished with coriander leaves, and accompanied by a good supply of sliced cucumber, with a cup of the chicken broth, and few pieces of squash as an accompanying soup, garnished with coriander leaves.

This meal is accompanied by the following two sauces:

Bean Sauce: This is mixed and tasted, if required you can add extra sugar, and some of the vinegar used to pickle the jalapeños, for balance.

The second "sauce" consists of half a cup of freshly ground ginger.

Comments: This dish is a common "fast food" in Thailand. Thailand is awash with streetside vendors who serve everything from snacks and desserts to wholesome, nutritious meals.


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