Rice recipes
Sizzling rice (China)
1 1/2 cups regular uncooked rice
Vegetable shortening or vegetable oil for frying

Cook rice, following label directions, drain. Spread in a thin layer in a large shallow pan; chill overnight. When ready to fry, melt enough vegetable shortening or pour in enough vegetable oil to make a 1/4-inch depth in electric deep-fat fryer or large saucepan; heat to 400°F.

Spoon rice about 3/4 cup at a time, into hot shortening; fry, turning once, until crisply gorden. (Grains will stick together.) When all is fried, place in a shallow baking dish in a very hot oven (450°F) to keep hot until serving time. (Do not cover dish so rice will stay crisp.)

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