Veal recipes
Veal With Sheeps Cheese (German)
2 1/2 lb veal, lean
4 tablespoon oil
4 onions
1 salt
1 pepper
1 salad cucumber
1 tomato, firm
1 bunch dillweed
3 1/2 oz sheeps cheese
1 flat bread, ready to bake

1. Cube the veal meat into big cubes and fry portions brown in the hot oil.

2. Peel and cube onions and add to meat and saute shortly.

3. Season good with salt and pepper. Cover and simmer 40 min.

4. Peel cucumber, cut lengthwise and remove seeds,cut into cubes.

5. Add to the meat and let simmer another 20 min.

6. Wash and chop dillweed finely.

7. Peel and cube tomato.

8. Crumble the cheese and mix with tomato and dill and sprinkle over meat, shortly before serving.

9. Bake the flat bread in the oven and serve with the meat and serve with a good red wine.

Yield: 4 servings

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